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Accolades and Testimonials

Kelli Wingo is a warrior, orator, writer, coach and fire-starter. These are her words, but I agree whole-heartedly. Kelli Wingo is a natural leader and powerful speaker. She takes the stage to win. And by win, I mean be heard, share truth and inspire action. She believes deeply in everyone's uniquness and shared it so eloquently from the stage at The Speaker Salon. - Tricia Brouk, International Award Winning Filmmaker, Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare, TEDx

Kelli was a pleasure to work with. She was incredibly responsive and proactive while coordinating a virtual session for our members. Kelli’s session provided relevant content for individuals across all stages of their careers.  She was energetic and engaging.  Her nearly one hour long discussion flew by! - A. Schiraldi, CFA Society Orange County Board Member 

I had such an amazing time working with Kelli when I launched my webinar series for The Best Friend Circle. Not only did she help me brainstorm the topic of conversation and the content, but she did a phenomenal job facilitating my first webinar. She was empowering, enlightening, and energetic. I'm looking forward to working with her on my future events and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who's looking for a life coach and/or speaker. She's got the fire!!! - Lenier Thomas, Founder of the Best Friend Circle

I really enjoyed the positivity and energy. I though all of Kelli's Sales tips were very helpful and I was interested the whole time. - Demetria Camus, Real Estate Salesperson

Kelli is so approachable and willing to share her wealth of knowledge in an easy to understand way! - Deborah Javier, Interior Designer

Kelli is a star! I have pages of notes from her talk and was reading tidbits to my deskmates to try to pump everyone up! This was a perfect want to kick off the new year. - J. Stewart

Kelli is very engaging from start to end in regard to learning new information. - M. Isgard

Kelli's session allow you to explore your genuine values and to create a detailed action plan to achieve your vision. - J. Chan

Kelli inspired me to take ownership, seize opportunities and build authentic relationships in my career. - V. Scott.

I really enjoyed Kelli's talk and all the information I will use to better myself for 2020! Thank you! - H. Brennan

Very motivational and encouraging. I would have never guessed Kelli was an introvert if she didn't say it! - C. Colom

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