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KMW Catalyst believes in transforming the business experience into the human experience. Employing a real-world, consultative approach to leadership and business development, we focus on 5 interconnected engagements -
  • Coaching high-potential and high-performing leaders
  • Building cohesive, high-performing teams matched to their objectives
  • Training rising managers assuming new roles
  • Instituting laser-focused hiring practices
  • Creating organizational cultures where human innovation flourishes
 Our goal is to help your organization be the place your employees want to stay and where innovation prospers.
Grunge Wood
Leadership Development Consulting

Designing people development curriculum and strategies for long-lasting impact and employee engagement

Grunge Wood
Speaking Engagements

Empowerment, motivational and skills-based presentations designed to educate and build confidence

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Grunge Wood
Workshops, Training & Facilitation

Interactive forums that engage participants in active and intensive discussion surrounding business and life intersection

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Granite Texture
Talent Optimization Strategies

Helping organizations learn practical ways to make better hires, build high-performing teams, increase employee engagement, and improve working relationships

Grunge Wood
Business Development Needs Discovery & Strategy Labs

A comprehensive review of current business needs, diagnosis of challenges, excavation of opportunities, and execution strategies


Granite Texture
One-on-One & Team Consultative Coaching


Working with individuals or teams in a series of consultative coaching sessions to excavate solutions and move from functional to high performing

Grunge Wood

Executive Roundtables & Mastermind Groups


Facilitation of sessions for small groups of senior-level executives designed to spark solution-driven inspiration, and get clear on vision and strategy

Grunge Wood
The Catalyst Collectives for BIPOC & Women Leaders

Group consultative coaching, facilitation & training experiences to help underrepresented and women leaders succeed in the workplace

Grunge Wood
Skills-Based/Non-Degree Employee Coaching

Consultative coaching, facilitation & training experiences focused on agility & resiliency for skills-based/non-degree employees

Granite Texture
Consultative Coaching Retainers

Provision of as-needed consultative coaching services for organizations

Grunge Wood
People Assessments

Using behavioral and personality assessments to help leaders learn more about how they show up in the workplace and in the world

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