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What's in a name? The Story Behind Jael.

Employee? Entrepreneur? Citizen of the World? 

Personal Branding Matters

Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs: 3 Ways Owning Your Personal Brand Elevates Your Business Brand

What comes first? Confidence or Skill?

Perfectionism vs. Excellence

4 Critical Steps to Navigate Difficult Conversations

3 Reasons Why Having a Vision is Important

5 Critical Factors of Vision Casting

When and With Whom to Share Your Vision

But my vision intimidates me:

5 Mindset Shifts to Move from Paralysis to Passion

A season? A reason? A lifetime?

What to do When a Vision Shifts

Personal Branding 101: What is your brand?

3 Common Misconceptions of Personal Branding

5 Critical Actions to Identify &

Establish Your Personal Brand

Other People's Opinions of Our Personal Brand:

Consider or Kick Rocks?

5 Personal Brand Survival Tips for Bad Press

How Firebrands Change World Narratives

How to Embody Authenticity in Personal Branding

The Intersection of Personal Branding and Vision

The Importance of a Personal Board of Directors for

Brand You

The Connection Between Fear & Fearlessness:

Can you be fearless when fearful?

It's Good to be Great...

featuring a lil tongue in cheek commentary ;-)

Using 'Yes' & 'No' Strategically

The 'Know, Like and Trust'

Relationship to Personal Branding

Balance is DEAD. Embrace the Lopsided Nature of Life

'Fake It Til You Make It' Is a Horrible Strategy

To share or not to share...that is the question...

Claiming Fear of Failure or Fear of Success is a


Networking Thoughts and Tips for Introverts &

Non-Introverts Alike

Expectations of others...motivating or stifling?

So about those New Years Resolutions...

Multitasking...efficient or jack of all trades?

Let's shift the focus, shall we?