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The Power of 1 in 7.5 Billion: The Importance of Authenticity in Personal Branding

We are all living, breathing representations of our personal brands. In this talk, we will learn that embracing and owning every part of us is essential to authentically showing up in the world – flaws, strengths, failures, wins.

Increase Sales by Selling to Humans, Not Robots

Many times we equate sales with being “salesy” and creating a false persona to trick people into buying from us. However, to successfully employ the marketing concept of ‘Know Like Trust’, authenticity must be at its core. In this talk, we will explore how and why authenticity, value, purpose and power are essential elements to a fruitful sales career. (Available as a workshop)

Fearful Fearlessness: Embracing Fear is Critical to Fearlessness

Many believe that fearfulness and fearlessness are diametrically opposed. You are either experiencing one or the other at any given time. However, just as failure is a part of success, fearfulness is an integral part of fearlessness. In this talk, we will explore the strength of connection between the two.

The Value of Intrapreneurship: How an Ownership Mindset Transforms the Corporate Space

Having spent 25 years in Corporate America, stereotypes and realities of the banal nature of large organizations are prevalent. In this talk, we will explore why building a culture of intrapreneurship changes the narrative. (Available as a workshop)

The Power of You: The Importance of Authentic Personal Branding in the Workplace

Early in your career, it can be easy to get lost in the sauce and absorbed into what others say you should be in order to advance in your career. In this talk, we will move past the notion that personal branding is solely a marketing spin for a manufactured persona, and explore the reasons why out of 7.5 billion people on earth, authenticity is required for your success. (Available as a workshop)


Boss Up: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Workplace

It is not enough to do simply what we are told. It is required that we do what we are capable of. Intrapreneurship (defined as an employee who operates with an entrepreneurial spirit) provides a sense of ownership, responsibility and freedom for employees, as well as profit for employers. In this workshop, we will explore how an intrapreneurial mindset shifts your career narrative. (Available as a workshop)


Building Your Empire: Transitioning from Traditional Careers to Entrepreneurship

It is a common misconception that employee and entrepreneur are not connected mindsets. However, entrepreneurship starts right where you are – as an employee. In this workshop, we will cover key considerations when preparing for a move from a 9-5 to a full-time hustle. (Available as a workshop)


On My Own Terms: Defining Your Own Success Model

Media, society and even family and friends may have us believe there is one definition of success. And, if you are not living that fantasy, you are failing. In this talk, we will cover the importance of creating your own definition of success to maintain your sanity and live your best life. (Available as a workshop)


Igniting Your Power Movement: Custom Designing Your Career from Day One

We all have more power and influence in life than we sometimes give ourselves credit for. This applies to our career trajectory as well. In this talk, we will discuss strategies to design a career with purpose and passion. (Available as a workshop)

Bold Vision & Power Moves: The Intersection of Vision & Strategy

How many times have we played small thinking that what we really want for our lives and businesses is unachievable? Living a life of mediocrity, mired in okey-doke is a banal existence, not meant for human consumption. In this talk, we will uncover why taking the first step is the boldest and most powerful move to build an empire.

Introverts Unite: Owning Your Awesome!

Studies show that anywhere between 30-50% of the population identifies as introverts. Yet, there are many misconceptions and stereotypes about this large group of people. Being an introvert is not code for lack of confidence and social stagnation. In this talk, we explore how to own the unique makeup of your personality, purpose and passion as an introvert and use it as an asset and capitalize personally and professionally. (Available as a workshop)

Business to Human Marketing: Translating Corporate-ese into English

Those of us who have spent 20 minutes to 20 years in Corporate America know that "Corporate-ese" is the official language of the land, where "strategic initiatives" and the alphabet soup of acronyms rule the day. In this talk, we will discuss why clear and easy to understand language gives real-world meaning and application to the impact your business wishes to make on its employees and customers alike. (Available as a workshop)

Developing Employees with Vision

If you want your company to be known for innovation and a finger on the pulse of customer needs, developing employees with vision is paramount. In this talk, we will cover key strategies to implement in hiring practices and employee development.

Contact us to customize a talk or a workshop for you.