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Casting Vision

Catalyzing Confidence

Inciting Riotous Rebellion Against Limiting Beliefs

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Spiryt In Motion is a movement dedicated to

dismantling the oppression of limiting beliefs one talk at a time.

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Meet Kelli

[kel-ee]   Origin: Gaelic, Irish  Meaning: Warrior, Lively, Aggressive


Warrior  -  Fire-starter -  Queen-Maker - King-Maker -

Confidence Catalyzer - Vision Caster - Limiting Beliefs Slayer


I see greatness in others. That is my superpower.


But it wasn't until I saw the greatness in myself that my superpower was unleashed. I was the textbook definition of a painfully shy child with a muted voice. Warrior, lively, aggressive hardly described any part of me. While still a proud introverted ambivert, over time I evolved into the warrior that I always was, finding joy in lively appreciation for life, being aggressive in using my voice and encouraging others to do the same.


After a successful run in the financial services corporate space, I made the faith leap to follow my vision and life appointment for a new chapter - one that ignited my superpowers in a real and present way. Now as a human greatness catalyst, I find joy sharing motivation, inspiration, insight, and strategy on business and life to a broader audience.

This is me. Now it is time for your evolution story.


We all have more power than we give ourselves credit for. What is your seismic earthquaking evoloution?


Be Fearless. Be Faithful. Be Visionary. Be Victorious. © 


Kelli Wingo

Founder/Chief Orator



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The Power of 1 in 7.5 Billion:
The Importance of Authenticity in Personal Branding
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How I Engage

Contact us to customize for you

Take the Stage

Keynote addresses designed to engage and educate audiences.

K.I.S.S. Talks (Keep It Short & Sweet)

"Hot Shot" talks typically under 20 minutes to succinctly cover selected topic.

Power Moves

Interactive workshop facilitation that engage participants in active and intensive discussion surrounding business and life intersection. 

Tech Talks

Utilizing webinar platforms to present to audiences far and wide.


Consultative coaching for individuals, teams and groups in a series of  sessions to excavate solutions from within. 

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But My Vision Intimidates Me:
5 Mindset Shifts to Move from Paralysis to Passion

Select Signature Talks


Contact us to customize for you

The Power of 1 in 7.5 Billion:

The Importance of Authenticity in Personal Branding

Passion to Power:

Why the World Needs Your Vision

Fearful Fearlessness:

Embracing Fear is Critical to Fearlessness

Seismic Earthquaking Evolution:

Why it is Good to be Great

Bold Vision and Power Moves:

Fearless Faithful Visionary Victorious

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Spiryt In Motion


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Kelli Wingo is a warrior, orator, writer, coach and fire-starter. These are her words, but I agree whole-heartedly. Kelli Wingo is a natural leader and powerful speaker. She takes the stage to win. And by win, I mean be heard, share truth and inspire action. She believes deeply in everyone's uniquness and shared it so eloquently from the stage at The Speaker Salon.


- Tricia Brouk, International Award Winning Filmmaker, Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare, TEDx

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