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The Reality
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globally, employees who are not engaged or actively disengaged at work

higher profitability of organizations in the top quartile of engagement compared with those in the bottom

the variance in team engagement that managers account for

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Source: Gallup

Human sucess is business success. Yet very often, the human experience and connection are separated from initiatives, strategies and the alphabet soup of acronyms used in the business space. This results in burnout, loss of purpose, lack of motivation, decreased morale, costly employee turnover, depressed revenue, and  "fixes" that create more problems than they were intended to solve.

Let's partner together in a creative and thought-provoking process that inspires you to maximize personal and professional potential.

The Solution

At KMW Catalyst, it is a passion and privilege to design a virtual incubator to excavate personal branding, elevate business culture and execute vision through customized personal and professional development. We employ a consultative approach to leadership development utilizing real-world experience to achieve personal, career and business achievement. Personal and professional greatness is tied to the ability and willingness to foster human connection.

Transform the business experience into the human experience.












Successful, emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs align their vision to a customer need. In so doing, they fulfill their purpose in a way that makes a positive impact on their client base leading to financial success.


Traditional workplaces are not working because employees have lost their 'why'. ​One of the primary reasons for suboptimal EX, employee engagement and turnover is lack of purpose and connection to a company's mission both personally and professionally.

The entrepreneurial mindset can transform employees at all levels. By cultivating a culture of intrapreneurship -- employees operating with an entrepreneurial mindset-- focus, innovation, sales, and revenue thrive.

An intrapreneurial environment combined with focused hiring practices and comprehensive training attracts and awakens leadership, ownership, and purpose in workplaces.



Experience (EX)

According to a CAP study, the cost to replace one employee is anywhere between 16% - 213% of salary depending on position and level. Regardless of unemployment levels, this is a costly issue.

The employee experience is the human experience.Thinking beyond humans as resources and instead seeing them as people is the cornerstone to an engaged workforce leading to a thriving enterprise.

A successful EX engagement is a two-way street. Employees must excavate the authenticity their personal brands to show up fully at work. This combats imposter syndrome and inflated perceptions of competition helping us to articulate our value personally and professionally.

Organizations that honor the uniqueness of the individual employee and understand how each person fits as part of the whole gives insight into and connection with a diverse customer base.

Vision &


"Hold the vision. Trust the process."

Setting a clear vision creates alignment and purpose. Envisioning a future free from limitations makes sense of the present, and gives purpose to each step of the process. 

Strategizing to achieve the desired outcome makes goals achievable in bite-size pieces. This approach helps to identify opportunities. It builds on the foundation comprised of strong personal brands of uniquely capable humans.

Casting a vision and executing a strategy to achieve goals are integral to future success for the individual and the enterprise.

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